Virtual and hybrid events – a key tool in marketing transformation

Business, education, and community organizations perceive digital solutions as an effective way to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive world in which the involvement of consumer attention and communication through various forms of communication prevails.This publication focuses on current practices with the question of what tomorrow’s event is, how hybrid it is, and how it uses user interaction, as well as the position of empathy in the virtual environment., September 2020

Talk of the Town: The art of effective communication

Vagabond magazine, February 2020

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Female leadership

Interview in the special edition of Manager magazine "The woman is..." for female leaders in Bulgaria.

Manager Magazine, November 2019

Functions of digitalisation in communication 4.0

The article explores trends in measuring the effectiveness of digital campaigns of global corporate structures by evaluating current analytical tools. A definition of a digital campaign and the conditions under which it performs are proposed. The article is based on theoretical sources from the past decade.

Rhetoric and Communication. A Peer Reviewed Scientific Journal – ISSN 1314-4464

Communication 4.0 - effective digitalization

Economy Magazine, January 2019

Why is the global corporate elite interested in topics such as "the importance of content marketing in the digital economy" and "how do we increase customer engagement and customer loyalty?" Isn't the big question more about the direction in which the business undergoes change, does it force companies in industries operating on different markets to rewrite their principles of communication and how much this process is managed by the customer.

Role model: Manuela Toteva

Manager Magazine, November 2018

Interview in the special edition of Manager magazine "The woman is..." for female leaders in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian PR Association elects Chairwoman

The newly elected President of the Bulgarian PR Society is a communication professional with over 15 years’ experience in private sector and strategic planning. Key priorities during her presidency are launching a dialogue on the subject of the strategic role of the PR profession in the corporate structure and renewal of partnerships with international professional organizations.

Communication Director, January 2017


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