Online shopping: trends and challenges in establishing B2B eCommerce platforms

​ISSN 1313-9908

The adoption of electronic trading platforms by organizations in developed countries has progressed significantly in the second decade of the XXI century. Today, as a digitalized industry model, e-commerce has become one of the main forms in the recent corporate environment and occupies an important position in economic growth through its distinct advantages. This article explores the technological developments and the effective promotion of online shopping, as well as the specific communication in the so-called. B2B platforms.

Virtual and hybrid events - a key tool in the marketing transformation

ISSN 1314-3794

Business, education, and community organizations perceive digital solutions as an effective way to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive world in which the involvement of consumer attention and communication through various forms of communication prevails. This publication focuses on current practices with the question of what tomorrow’s event is, how hybrid it is, and how it uses user interaction, as well as the position of empathy in the virtual environment.

Functions of digitalisation in communication  4.0

Rhetoric and Communication. A Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal – ISSN 1314-4464

The article explores trends in measuring the effectiveness of digital campaigns of global corporate structures by evaluating current analytical tools. A definition of a digital campaign and the conditions under which it performs are proposed. The article is based on theoretical sources from the past decade.