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Over 15 years of experience in the communications industry. During this period, I have managed projects for companies in the software industry, metals, banking and finance, retail, and NGO organizations in Eastern Europe, Germany, the US, and the UK.

I graduated strategic communications program at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (London) and Industrial Management at UCTM (Sofia). At present, I am engaged in marketing consultancy and I recently published my Doctoral research in the field of effective online communication. University lecturer and guest speaker on strategic communications and digital media.  Member of Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft and Heidelberg International Professional Women`s Forum. 

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Inspired by technology, science, and the future of work

As stated in the European Communication Monitor the digitalization and evolution of social media are subjects of strategic importance to the communications profession because of their transformative impact on society, business, organizations, and people. Managing online communication activities and stakeholder and community engagement is becoming a necessary responsibility of every organization. The online dissemination of fake news directly threatens its reputation, has ethical consequences, and leads to the implementation of crisis communications. I am committed to research and integration of digital tools in strategic planning to achieve communication goals and solve communication problems.