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In 2022 Dr. Toteva published her first book which aims to systematize, summarize, analyze, and appropriately present information on effective methods of digital marketing in an intercultural environment in the period 2017 - 2021, focusing on communication "business to business" in Bulgaria and Germany.

The publication provides a comprehensive review of modern theoretical understandings, and at the same time presents relevant practical illustrations, giving factual dimensions of the matter to confirm the scientific and applied value of the present work.

The text systematizes both an extensive set of current scientific publications in Bulgarian, German and English, and practical first-person experience from the eastern and western parts of the European Union, acquired as a result of the author's ability to collect empirical data in an international environment. from the Erasmus + program and own consulting projects.

Order the book in the Bulgarian language from the University Press House St. Kliment Ohridski here.

The research chapter is available in the German language here


Effective tools of digital marketing in B2B organizations

Book premiere
27th March 2022
National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria
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