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Why OMR 2022 blew up the social media - key takeaways

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

The largest marketing event this year in Germany, and probably in Europe OMR 2022 took place on May 17 and 18 at the Hamburg Trade Center. While marketing professionals from all over the region posted and streamed videos, posted photos, statuses, and blogs on the topic, together with team members I had the opportunity to visit the event and get acquainted with current trends in the field of online marketing.

The day after the event, I find a few minutes to share the three biggest positives for me personally and three areas where the event can be improved:

Definitely "YES"

1. Get lost to find answers

The sheer scale of the event, which brings together nearly 60,000 registered participants, is a huge challenge in itself. The organization and schedule were extremely rich, and the topics were definitely timely and offered information and knowledge to audiences of various types. The organizers created the wording that it is impossible to get lost at the event. It was in this "losing yourself" that the discoverer's tick was hidden, and given the mass audience, which was mostly experts in their 20 to 40 years, the element of searching, finding, touring, color, and sound impressions, I believe, met expectations.

2. Showcase for a large-scale event

The festival industry has always been interesting to me, especially due to the fact that my professional practice 20 years ago met me first with events of this type. The organization was iron and personally, I have no impressions of any technical blunders during the event.

3. Web 3 in focus

Definitely the most satisfying for me as a professional and lecturer in digital comms was the topic of web 3 and presentations dedicated to the meta-universe. I have already shared several posts on that, and the next snapshots show exactly what part of the program during the second part of the conference occupied the topics.

In the list of recommendations

1. The #app of the event was extremely convenient, but it could still be optimized with the possibility of the approved master classes integration, as well as in the contact section of the conference, which remained unused by me.

2. The options for new contacts and socialization with the participants were limited due to the scale. Different technical or creative solutions would provide additional ways to meet new partners, clients, or like-minded people.

3. The dominant content in German was expected, but the event has ambitions (I believe) to become international, and I met a lot of foreign participants. The possibility of increasing the number of presentations in English would be only positive.

Wishing a lot of success to OMR 2023! Maybe we will meet in the metaverse...

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