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Education is the right way to positive change in society (book review)

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Mark Whitt's new book "When In Doubt, Make Applesauce! Core Habits of the Masterful Public Relations Professional" grabs with a sincere and energetic tone from the very first words, declaring to the reader that it holds in his hands the most valuable professional inspiring pages of his life.

When the communication profession is concerned about ethics, fake news, and rapid digitalization processes, every representative of the PR industry needs fate and inspiration to bring us back to the core professional qualities formulated by a verbally rich and dedicated author.

With the skill of a storyteller who lifts the curtain on his world and the deep expertise of a long-time practitioner, Marc gives an exact structure and in-depth analysis of the skills that are the foundation of our work and provides the reader with a unique practical toolkit, current examples, and real stories, which inevitably affect not only the clarified perception of the PR profession but can be put into action today and now. The book is an inspiration and helps you set your watch and think about the basic principles of our work.

I would strongly recommend the book to my students and colleagues. I am confident that current and future practitioners who are blessed to read it and those with a passion for the field of public relations will look in the mirror and acknowledge that they are equipped to build a better world for the benefit of society with the lessons learned.


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